If you strike at a wolf, be sure not to miss.

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You fool me again to quiet my pride
But I’m a human, I come with knives


Do you want to give up?

Noiz is my favouriteeee

kiyokos back

theres another one under a cut because boobs

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[ Do not crop or repost without permission! ]

Hey, I’ve asked several times, but I guess it’s not clear.

Please do not use my drawings as icons / reaction images / etc without asking and/or giving credit. It’s really disrespectful to treat my work like it’s your property to crop and use however you like, the least you can do is link back on your credit page.

This stuff really just makes me not want to post my stuff, and I like sharing the things I work hard on, but please. It’s not yours to use like that.

I don’t mind you using it if you give me credit, which you should really be doing for your resources anyway.

pirateprincecavendish sent:

the Corn with palette 5


chuck oowada is the shsl maltese

(it’s transparent too)


I er….decided to make my own cuz I dont like the color palette that’s been going around on tumblr (sorry i’m very picky w/colors) O-(—<

Send me a character & # and hopefully I’ll try to pick yours…if not then gomen, tomos (cuz lmao I’m also doing these on twitter too)


(Source: thetoxicmasterpieces)